Friday, July 31, 2009

Is the President a Citizen?

Age and Citizenship requirements US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

No person except a natural born citizen or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

That’s pretty simple and straight forward right? So why are so many people, news programs, and yes blogs making so much fuss over the question of Obama’s citizenship? The answer is also simple. It is because we have not only learned but have truly come to realize that our politicians cannot be trusted.
It could be argued that we can thank Bill and Hillary for this lack of trust and I think for the most part that would be correct. But it is also something we have all known for years. The Chicago Machine of Mayor Daily, the postal scandal with Congress, even the small town backroom deals over shopping malls and road construction kickbacks have taught us they are all crooks. We lived with it, accepted it as just the way things work. But now many are becoming tired of it. So back to the original question; is Obama a citizen? I’ll score it as a definite “probably.” Is there a cover-up about is going on? Again, I’ll say it is a definite “probably.”

The Democrats actually brought this on themselves when they questioned John McCain’s qualifications. He was born in a Navy hospital in Panama. His parents were US citizens and his father was stationed there. So he meets the requirements. It was a cheap shot and it backfired. Since they ask about McCain it was only fair to ask about Barrack. At this point the Democrats hit a snag. They began to attack anyone who asks for Obama’s proof. Those who questioned him were racists or crazy right wingers. Finally a birth certificate of sorts was produced. But even that was not done in a straight forward manner. At no time did the Obama campaign just step forward with a news conference, hold up the paper and say this is the proof. It was released to the net, and to news agencies in a quiet fashion.

As to the form itself it was not what is called the long form certificate. If you have your original birth certificate look at it and look at one of the pictures of Obama’s. They probably look very different. Now understand Obama has a US passport, and you have to have a birth certificate to get one of those. The short form is certainly good enough for that.

The cover-up is worse than the crime.

I have a possible reason for why the left is so worked up to call those who question his citizenship just crazy “Birthers.” I just don’t think there is a long form. You have to go back to the times in which he was born and to the kind of person his mother was. Hawaii in 1961 was a very rural place and the record keeping technology was what we would now call primitive at best. Babies were not always born in Hospitals; midwives so to speak were common. Barrack’s mother was at best what could be called a free spirit. She was living a very unconventional life. It would not be unreasonable to assume Barrack was born in a home not a hospital, maybe with a midwife or seasoned family member in attendance. It is hard to say what the rules at the time would be in a case like that. I guess his mother or a family member could go to the county court house and just say I had a baby, give the particulars to the clerk and they would register the birth. I’m sure a witness was required or some form of proof of live birth. But the long form that gets filled out in a hospital just would not be there. So while Barrack probably meets the requirements I believe there is something odd about his birth. This would have caused complications with his run for office. Especially with all the noise about his history; was he an Indonesian citizen, was he a Muslim? Just what would have happened to his campaign if he had said the following to Katie Couric on the nightly news?

“Well you see I was born in my Aunt’s house in a small town in Hawaii and so there isn’t really a regular birth certificate. But unlike my opponent, whose birth in a foreign country could bring his true citizenship status into question, at least by some, but certainly not me. I assure you I’m a US citizen despite the unfortunate lack of full documentation.”

His run for office would have gone down in flames, big red screaming flames; that is what would have happened. So we have a cover-up to hide what really did not need hiding. But being politicians they did not believe the truth would work. So they did what they do best, they lied.

So why the big deal?

Well re-read the requirements and ask yourself what is missing. There is no requirement for proof that an individual meets the standards. Nowhere in the Constitution is a standard of proof listed. If you are wondering why you have to examine the times the Founders lived in for the answer. They lived in a time without the massive bureaucracy of records, computer cross references, and account numbers, all of the things that today keep us honest. They lived in a time where a man’s honor and word was his bond. Enemy officers who lost the battle were
offered parole. This was a simple declaration that the defeated officer would not pick up arms again, or raise more troops and return later to fight again. He gave his word, kept his sword, and went on about his business. That was it; his word was all that was necessary. All they had and all they needed was their honor and their word.

As a result the Founding Fathers never assumed anyone who could rise to the office of President could have no honor and would lie to assume the power. They did not think proof was necessary. Today we all believe our politicians have no honor. They all take an oath of office and immediately start filling their pockets with our money. They covet the opulence and power that comes with the job. You would be hard pressed to name a single elected official you would trust with your wife, your child (especially the pretty young intern types) or your money, a very sad state of affairs indeed.

The people who are questioning Obama’s birth have lost their trust in their leaders and are really looking for Obama to step forward and prove he is a man of honor. I fear in today’s world that will just not be happening.

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