Friday, August 7, 2009

We Control the Horizontal....

The old Outer Limits program always opened with the line, "We control the horizontal, we control the vertical." In today's world of the net filled with blogs, tweets and video posts the best you can hope for is that the people controlling the horizontal and vertical are fair with their control. Let's face it blogger's and posters live and die on the hits. Everyone wants their blog to have a million hits, their video to be number one in views. As a result though we have to rely on the hosts supporting us to be honest.

With that said I find it interesting that this video of the mugging of a vendor by Union thugs at the recent Russ Carnahan Town Hall meeting in St Louis Missouri has a problem with the VIEWS counter.

Fight at Russ Carnahan Town Hall Event

When I first viewed the video I noticed a comment posted six hours prior said "WOW this one got to 315 views.....interesting. "

Five hours after the first mention dfitler said "Hmmm - stats say this video is the #11 most discussed and as of 4 hours ago has 315 views. Odd... it still shows only 315 views, and at least TWO more people have viewed it. Is it possible there is some massaging of the stats by YouTube? Makes me wonder...."

Yes it does since his comment was one hour before me and the views counter had not changed by then and what was really interesting was that it still had only 315 views six hours later when I viewed it.

I must confess I don't know how Youtube tracks views, I don't know how often they update their counters and that is the point. We don't know, but we must trust that they are playing fair with all parties.

The videos on Youtube are becoming more and more political. The sources for news are shifting from the big three on TV or the big four on cable to the millions on Twitter, Youtube, Podcasts, and Blogs. This isn't a revelation, just a statement of fact. But how everyone finds those sources is a subject of dark mystery.

I did a search on Bing for "number one political podcast" and got this as the first listing:

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Podcast « - Blogs ...
May 1, 2009 ... CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider looks at the latest numbers in a new poll. ... CNN=Politics Daily is The Best Political Podcast ...

Really? They are the best, the biggest the one deserving of top billing? Ok, maybe I needed to refine my search, so I entered "most popular political podcast" in Google instead of Bing.

Guess what I got:

The Broad View: Wes Clark's is "...the most popular political ...
And now his podcast is right now the most popular political podcast in the nation. The third installment of Clark's audiotaped thoughts ranks ahead of Sean ...

Give me a break! Does Google really mean to tell me that Westley Clark's Podcast is the most popular podcast in the nation? It was number two in the stack behind the Podcast Pickle. How the heck did it get up to number two and who the heck is the Podcast Pickle? CNN had however fallen to number seven on Google.

Well let's try Blogs. How about "number one political blog" on Bing. Well you get as the number one result. They list the Huffington Post as the number one blog, "by authority" what ever that is. I'm not sure the Huffy is a blog anymore but I'll give it the top slot. The next 28 entries are however all tech blogs not political sites.

Maybe TV is the place to go. So we'll try "cable news network ratings" in Bing. The number 2 listing i.e the second highest rated site in the world, according to BING, to find information on cable news is.....

Yep this information filled site says "As of May 1st, 2009 I will no longer report the ratings for the O'Reilly Factor, or any other news show on tv. I do not care about ratings for news shows, none of them."

Glad we settled that.

The end result of all of this is in my opinion, the Left/Progressive movement has it all tied up. In all those searches I did not find one Right/Conservative site. Not Rush Limbaugh, not Glenn Beck, no Sean or O'reilly, I did not even get a single listing for the Drudge Report who can lay claim to over 8 billion hits in the last year. The way the numbers get counted dramatically effects the way you find information. Even the appearance of juggling the books is bad.

By the way the Youtube video that started all this has now climbed up to 393 views.

But now I can't help but wonder if someone in Youtube central saw that the lack of change had been spotted and so decided they need to control the horizontal and control the vertical, just a little bit.

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