Friday, August 24, 2012

The Government says more Vets are Crazy

Brandon Raub, the veteran who was taken into custody a few days ago has been released today. He is home and recovering from the injuries suffered while being detained. Yesterday, his lawyers appealed to stop his transfer to a mental hospital several hundred miles from his home. When they and the Government's lawyers appeared before a judge to argue the transfer the judge looked at the government's case and stopped the appeal. Then to both parties surprise, he dismissed the case entirely stating there was nothing there to have warranted the original incarceration. He told the government they had no evidence, no facts, no case. He ordered Mr. Raub be released immediately. This may have been problem for the Government since they had already transferred him to the mental hospital in Salem before the appeals proceedings had started. I wonder if they gave him a ride back three hundred miles or just put him out on the street and said have a nice day?

This now gets into the land of short wave radio programs. 

The Rutherford Institute which has been defending Mr. Brandon Raub now say they have been contacted by a large number of Veterans who have experienced the same thing as Brandon. They state they have 20 cases just like it in the same county Brandon Raub lives in.  Virginia has an arcane law that allows for the commitment of anyone if someone of a reliable nature claims that person is unstable. All of the Veterans in the process lose the right to own a firearm, forever. They have been declared mentally unstable and their names are placed in a data base which will block any future gun purchases and also means any guns they now own are confiscated.
This sounds like crazy talk except here are some examples: David J. Pyles, from Oregon, filed suit for basically the same thing,  David Sarti the guy from the Preppers TV show, went into the Hospital for chest pains, only to have the Doc declare him  “mentally defective” commit him and of course they took his guns. Yesterday, Ohio law enforcement did the same thing to a Vet, his name has yet to be released. Also yesterday, William Everett Alemar, (three names Adam) an Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran was arrested and charged with “committing a terroristic act and wearing body armor while committing a felony offense.” His felony offense was jogging in full uniform and kit, while wearing his flak vest and carrying an AirSoft Orange Tip toy gun. It is a felony to run in uniform? Quick someone call Camp Lejeune and tell them to get those Marines off the road.
The toy AirSoft gun by the way is the same size and weighs about as much as the real thing. He is not in the Reserve, he is in the National Guard. They have to maintain training, and "You Train as You Fight". In other words he was running in full uniform and full kit because that is how you will have to move around if you are called up again. So, you say you can run all day in three pounds of trunks, running shoes and a tee shirt. Great, now let me load you up with 90 pounds of gear, boots and an 8 pound stick on your shoulder. Tell me how that works out for you.  He is being held on $50,000 bond. The West Virginia officers now say he was drunk, at more than a .23 alcohol level. Right, that is so convenient. 
What is so sad is his civilian job is gone, his Army career is destroyed, he may go to jail for years, oh and of course he can never again touch a gun.

Rutherford Institute

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